Fegurð, Lífstíll

Back to school look with Real Techniques

August 18, 2016

Now the school is starting and I decided to do a natural “Back to school” look on my friend Elísa. I’ve been collectin Real Techniques brushes the last two years because I really love these brushes! I use the RT products every single day and in this video you can see how I use it. Down below you can see all the products I used in the video.
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My summer !

August 2, 2016

My summer has been extremely full of projects and amazing opportunities. I’ve been so busy that I took a decision to take a brake from social media and keep my mind 100% to what I’ve been doing. The reason is because if I decide to to something I want to do it as good as I can. Now I’m going to tell you everything about what I’ve been doing this summer!

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Room Tour

March 28, 2016

I love the daylight and bright colors. The sun is always in my room and wakes me up in the mornings. My bed is pretty big for my room but It will look great in an apartment when I move out. It was one of the prize for winning Miss Iceland and I got it from Svefn&Heilsa. In the Easter break I finally had time to do my room, clean everything, find a good place for my Miss Iceland gown (on my wall) and so on.
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Trip & makeup – Fludir

March 18, 2016

Me and my boyfriend went on a small road trip to Flúðir. My cousin Laufey Helga and her friend were going to an annual party in their school so I decided to do something with my day, drive to Flúðir and do their makeup! I’m probably getting pretty close to be “the best cousin in the world”. Nói came with us, he was pretty tired in the car and slept all the way. But he was super happy about the long walk around the farm he got with my boyfriend, Egill. Here you can se a few pictures from my day 🙂
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Soft & Flawless Curls Tutorial

March 15, 2016

I made this video before I went to China, Miss World, when I had long hair. Very clever technique to get beautiful curls and if you want it to stay the same for a long time. I got these electricals and hair products in Bpro Ögurhvarfi.


What’s in my schoolbag?

March 13, 2016

I got my “school” bag on Laugarvegur in Leonard. The store is selling Michael Kors handbags in so many styles, colors and sizes! I use it both for handbag and schoolbag but now I’m in school so it’s usually full of books and some school stuff.
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Miss EM 2016

March 11, 2016

31st of May I’ll be going to Germany!
I was invited to participate in the beauty pageant Miss EM. The media in Iceland have been talking about it the last days, but I wanted to tell you something more about this pageant. Miss EM is held every 4 years, just like the European Championships in football (soccer) , EM. So I could say that the pageant is held “in occasion” of the football event EM. That’s why you can see a football on the Miss EM logo. But the pageant is completely different thing from football! It’s a “classic” beauty pageant were you compete in bikini and a evening gown.
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