What’s in my schoolbag?

March 13, 2016

I got my “school” bag on Laugarvegur in Leonard. The store is selling Michael Kors handbags in so many styles, colors and sizes! I use it both for handbag and schoolbag but now I’m in school so it’s usually full of books and some school stuff.


I love bags with a lot of compartments! This bag has so many kinds of compartments. One for my laptop, another one for the charger, some of it is open and another one is zipped. Brilliant for a girl like me, always carrying random small stuff here and there.


My Macbook Air laptop is of course in my schoolbag. It’s light and good, specially for school because almost everything is now online.


My Camelbak bottle is always with me, almost everywhere I go. It’s so important to drink water during the day. I usually drank way to small amount of water during the day so I bought this one in World Class Laugar so I would always take it with me. Unfortunately my dog Nói found it the other day and I found him gnawing my bottle. But it still works, until next time….


I always have my diary in my schoolbag. A good way to organize trainings/gym, homework, work and more. I bought sticker letters and marked the book with my name. Very good book with nice quotes in beginning of every week.


Then it’s of course my glossary books! My school books are in my locker so I don’t have to carry it around but I always write the glossaries in these books. I bought it in Søstrene Grene.


My pencil case is pretty small because I only use a pen. But I always have two small perfumes in my pencil case, I love it! Bought it in Zara, Tenerife and I think it did only cost me 3 euros!


I always have few servings of GreenTea HP in my bag. It’s amazing, the packages is so handy. Small package with one serving. You just have to fill your bottle with water and put one serving in and voila!


Yeeeeb. Now its time… Who does not have many small stuff in their bag? I’m not going to count it all and talk about it but my bag is always getting full of this stuff, and some candy leftovers hahahah.


Yes, all that stuff is in my bag (not the flowers). But still it’s plenty of space left, love it!

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