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Natural Tan from ECO by SONYA

August 5, 2016

Lately I’ve been visiting one of my favorite store, MAÍ. MAÍ is selling organic and natural beauty products, health products and also some beautiful things for your home.
I wanted to tell you a little bit from my favorite products MAÍ is selling!

1. My absolutely favorite product is the Face Tan Water from ECO by SONYA. This beauty product is 100% organic and gives your skin a natural sun kissed look. Like many other tan products this one does not do any harm to your skin. The Tan water prevents your skin to get acnes, how perfect is that? You can buy this product for 5.495 kr. in MAÍ.

2. CACAO Firming Mousse and Winter Skin. Both of these products are also only organic and natural. This tanning mousse gives you a beautiful tan only in one hour. Winter Skin is a tanning moisturiser. If you use the mousse 1-2x a week you could use Winter Skin 3-4x a week to keep your tan for a longer time on your body and more beautiful. When the winter comes you maybe don’t like to have a strong tan colour on your body so then I would highly recommend to use only the Winter Skin because it also gives you a little bit of a natural colour and keeps your skin moisturised in the cold.


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